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Zom­bies vs. an­i­mals? The liv­ing dead wouldn’t stand a chance

‘Nat­u­ral­ist David Mize­jew­ski ex­plains how na­ture would deal with a zom­bie out­break: bru­tally, and with­out quarter.’

+ Discovered by , Tuesday Oct 15, 2013 @

Un­dead Ack­bar + 7 more zom­bied Star Wars char­ac­ters portraits

‘It’s a trap!’ may be a bit in­ap­pro­pri­ate this time.

+ Discovered by , Monday May 06, 2013 @

Justin Bieber stabbed by a crazed fan? It’s a Face­book scam

Looks like the lit­tle girls get to scream an­other day.

+ Discovered by , Thursday Apr 19, 2012 @ nakedsecurity

Funny Let­ter­press Cards for the Lovestruck

If you’re look­ing for the per­fect Valen­tine for your sweetie, look no further!!

+ Discovered by , Tuesday Feb 14, 2012 @ Design You Trust

Res­i­dent Evil 6 In Action!

Leon Kennedy is going to be in the new Res­i­dent Evil game! I hope it’s as good as Res­i­dent Evil […]

+ Discovered by , Friday Jan 20, 2012 @ GameInformer Magazine

Call Of Duty Mod­ern War­fare 3: Bet­ter Than Black Ops?

Looks like the jaug­ger­nauts are going head-​​to-​​head with the zom­bies! Does Call of Duty: Mod­ern War­fare 3 have a shot as […]

+ Discovered by , Friday Nov 11, 2011 @

Walk­ing Dead Celebs

Ever won­dered what the celebs would look like as zombies? 

+ Discovered by , Tuesday Dec 07, 2010 @ MSN

‘Zom­bies’ Raid Col­lege Campuses

Stu­dents armed with fake blood and Nerf guns wage bat­tle and pro­pel a na­tional craze.

+ Discovered by , Thursday Oct 28, 2010 @ Yahoo news.

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