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Coolest busi­ness card ever plays Tetris

Re­ally, you have to admit you’re more likely to call back the per­son hand­ing out tiny tetris cards in­stead of […]

+ Discovered by , Sunday Mar 16, 2014 @

Imag­ine play­ing Pac-​​Man on a 32,000-square-foot screen

If you’re not a fan of back­seat play­ers, this may not be the best idea.

+ Discovered by , Tuesday Apr 16, 2013 @

Mario Kart with real items recre­ated using RFID tags and go-​​karts

It’s all fun and games until a tur­tle wan­ders onto the track.

+ Discovered by , Thursday Jan 17, 2013 @

Sov­er­eignty and Re­spon­si­bil­ity in Mass Ef­fect 3

The­o­log­i­cal mus­ings on the role of “choice” in Mass Ef­fect, anyone?

+ Discovered by , Monday Mar 26, 2012 @ Think Christian

Assassin’s Creed III

Assassin’s Creed III an­nounced to be re­leased on Oc­to­ber 30th, 2012

+ Discovered by , Friday Mar 09, 2012 @

Grand Theft Auto and the Prob­lem of Evil

Video game vi­o­lence is the users choice, ac­cord­ing to this study.

+ Discovered by , Tuesday Mar 06, 2012 @ Overthinking It

Sony’s PlaySta­tion Vita sells more than 1.2M units worldwide

Sony’s Vita takes off.

+ Discovered by , Tuesday Feb 28, 2012 @ VentureBeat

Poke­mon Black and White 2

Thought that there would be a Poke­mon Grey? I guess not! The North Amer­i­can re­lease of Poke­mon Black and White […]

+ Discovered by , Tuesday Feb 28, 2012 @ GameInformer

Res­i­dent Evil 6 In Action!

Leon Kennedy is going to be in the new Res­i­dent Evil game! I hope it’s as good as Res­i­dent Evil […]

+ Discovered by , Friday Jan 20, 2012 @ GameInformer Magazine

Grand Theft Auto and the Prob­lem of Evil

What other game al­lows you to act as a para­medic, fire­fighter, or po­lice officer?

+ Discovered by , Sunday Dec 18, 2011 @ Overthinking it

6.5 mil­lion Mod­ern War­fare 3 units sold, prof­its just beginning

6.5 mil­lion dol­lars? That is a lot of money, and some se­ri­ous gamers.

+ Discovered by , Friday Nov 11, 2011 @ ars tenchnia

Call Of Duty Mod­ern War­fare 3: Bet­ter Than Black Ops?

Looks like the jaug­ger­nauts are going head-​​to-​​head with the zom­bies! Does Call of Duty: Mod­ern War­fare 3 have a shot as […]

+ Discovered by , Friday Nov 11, 2011 @

Cap­tion Con­test: Real-​​life Super Mario party searches for Princess Peach

“The Mario fam­ily re­union took a turn for the awk­ward when Luigi re­al­ized he was the only at­tendee out of […]

+ Discovered by , Monday Nov 07, 2011 @

Rage re­view

Re­view of the highly an­tic­i­pated “Rage” by The Guardian.

+ Discovered by , Sunday Oct 09, 2011 @ theguardian

Angry Birds Cost­ing Busi­nesses $1.5 Bil­lion In Lost Wages

The Angry Bird Ef­fect, killing time in Amer­ica, one hour at a time.

+ Discovered by , Wednesday Sep 14, 2011 @ Business Insider

Por­tal 2 Comic: Lab Rat

Are you a Valve fan? Or at least a Por­tal fan? Read this comic about how Chell came to be […]

+ Discovered by , Tuesday Sep 13, 2011 @

Juras­sic Park Video Game

I hope it has the orig­i­nal soundtrack!

+ Discovered by , Friday Jan 21, 2011 @ GameInformer

Di­a­blo III Com­ing to Consoles

Could it be true? I hope so!

+ Discovered by , Wednesday Nov 17, 2010 @

Get the Edge on ‘Call of Duty: Black Ops’

Tired of con­stantly get­ting sniped, knifed, and noob-​​tubed? These videos might help.

+ Discovered by , Monday Nov 15, 2010 @

Vote For Your Fa­vorite Video Game Characters

Vot­ing ends on No­vem­ber 30!

+ Discovered by , Monday Nov 15, 2010 @ GameInformer


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