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34 Amaz­ing Pho­tos Of The Super Blood Moon

If you were dis­ap­pointed by clouds cov­er­ing the moon on Mon­day night, here are some great pic­tures of the moon!

+ Discovered by , Wednesday Sep 30, 2015 @

Public May Get Chance to Name Parts of Pluto

Not only is Pluto being con­sid­ered for reen­try as a planet, the pub­lic might even get to name some of […]

+ Discovered by , Thursday Mar 26, 2015 @

United States, Russia to Send Astronauts for a Year in Space

The United States and Rus­sia are about to at­tempt a year long mis­sion into space that could prove to be […]

+ Discovered by , Tuesday Mar 24, 2015 @

Finally, Science Has Solved The Eternal Question of “Where’s Waldo?”

I still couldn’t find him, but maybe you can.

+ Discovered by , Monday Feb 09, 2015 @

Peo­ple throw­ing pen­nies changed the color of a Yel­low­stone hot spring

This is harm­ing the spring, hope­fully there is a way to re­verse the effects.

+ Discovered by , Friday Feb 06, 2015 @

Was There Life On Mars?

For cen­turies, sci­en­tists have be­lieved that Earth was the only in­hab­it­able planet, could Mars have been, too?

+ Discovered by , Tuesday Jan 13, 2015 @

SpaceX Nar­rowly Misses

Al­though they may have missed, ex­perts say that SpaceX should be lauded for their ef­forts and how close they ac­tu­ally […]

+ Discovered by , Tuesday Jan 13, 2015 @

In­fu­sions of young blood can re­ju­ve­nate old mice

Maybe vam­pires have ac­tu­ally just been years ahead of us in sci­ence this whole time.

+ Discovered by , Tuesday May 06, 2014 @

25 Heart­warm­ing And Adorable Baby Animals

I am so much hap­pier now! 

+ Discovered by , Wednesday Apr 16, 2014 @

Hun­dreds of rogue black holes could be lurk­ing across the Milky Way

Those that are eager to leave the galaxy may have to think twice and in­stall black hole de­tec­tors into their […]

+ Discovered by , Saturday Apr 12, 2014 @

Amer­i­cas get front-​​row seat for lunar eclipse on April 29th

It is on a Sat­ur­day night @ 3am. Are you going to stay up for it?

+ Discovered by , Wednesday Apr 09, 2014 @

There’s a comet-​​eating mon­ster hid­ing amongst the stars

I could ex­plain the con­text of that title, but I think it’s bet­ter with no ra­tio­nale be­hind it.

+ Discovered by , Monday Mar 17, 2014 @

Are di­nosaurs ex­tinct be­cause of dark matter?

Next time you think you’re too heavy, just re­mem­ber that the Earth goes through oc­ca­sional phases in which its grav­ity […]

+ Discovered by , Monday Mar 17, 2014 @

Re­turn of the giant Siber­ian zom­bie virus

In the spirit of sci­ence, we sim­ply can’t allow giant viruses to die. We must pre­serve them and allow them […]

+ Discovered by , Monday Mar 17, 2014 @

T-Rex’s half-​​sized ‘polar bear lizard’ cousin lived in Alaska

Dis­ap­pointed be­cause T-​​Rexes would only be able to chase prey through trop­i­cal cli­mates? Don’t worry, be­cause their furry arc­tic cousins […]

+ Discovered by , Sunday Mar 16, 2014 @

NASA pledges to land on Eu­ropa in a decade’s time

Some­where in the af­ter­life, Carl Sagan is jump­ing for joy.

+ Discovered by , Sunday Mar 16, 2014 @

The solar sys­tem, were the moon a sin­gle pixel

Space is BIG.

+ Discovered by , Wednesday Mar 05, 2014 @

Here’s a chicken wear­ing a pros­thetic tail to walk like a dinosaur

I sort of won­der if the chicken had any ob­jec­tions to this ex­per­i­ment. Oh well, all in the name of […]

+ Discovered by , Friday Feb 07, 2014 @

Beau­ti­ful Pin­in­fa­rina pen writes for­ever with­out using any ink

The pen comes with a com­pli­men­tary notepad with paper made of stone pow­der, so you can write on a min­eral […]

+ Discovered by , Thursday Feb 06, 2014 @

Our neigh­bor­ing star sys­tem is look­ing fa­vor­able for alien life

If we can de­ter­mine that our neigh­bors ac­tu­ally exist, we could be sev­eral steps closer to Star Trek in a […]

+ Discovered by , Thursday Feb 06, 2014 @

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