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Curse Me Like You Mean It: Using Psy­chol­ogy to Make Your Curses Ac­tu­ally Work

Who needs magic when you’ve got psychology?

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‘Im­mune per­fume’ makes it eas­ier to find a mate

Human-​​scented per­fume to at­tract hu­mans? Weird.

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Study shows red pen cor­rec­tions bum stu­dents out

Did they re­ally need to do a study to fig­ure that out?

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Music to Write By: 10 Top Au­thors Share Their Se­crets for Sum­mon­ing the Muse

Al­ways in­ter­est­ing to look in on people’s playlists…

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Teller Re­veals His Secrets

‘The smaller, qui­eter half of the ma­gi­cian duo Penn & Teller writes about how ma­gi­cians ma­nip­u­late the human mind’

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Font type can af­fect po­lit­i­cal views

So, wingdings for cam­paign posters is out?

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Look­ing at Cute Baby An­i­mals Helps You Work Harder

I think we all knew this with­out the aid of a for­mal study.

+ Discovered by , Tuesday Oct 02, 2012 @

Ac­tu­ally, Lit­er­ally, What Your Crutch Word Says About You

Well, um, at the end of the day, I’m not sure I ac­tu­ally have any—as it were.

+ Discovered by , Wednesday Sep 12, 2012 @

What Kind of Book Reader Are You? A Di­ag­nos­tics Guide

Looks like I’m a “Sleepy Bed­time Reader.” No sur­prise there, trust me.

+ Discovered by , Friday Sep 07, 2012 @

Why Cre­ativ­ity Blocks Hap­pen (and How to Over­come Them)

Help­ful hints to open up your brain… not lit­er­ally. I swear.

+ Discovered by , Tuesday Sep 04, 2012 @

5 De­sign Tricks Face­book Uses To Af­fect Your Pri­vacy Decisions

Do you re­ally need to know all about me so I can play Angry Birds? (Yes.)

+ Discovered by , Tuesday Aug 28, 2012 @

Con­victed thief blames tumor, is jailed

They just get clev­erer as time goes on!

+ Discovered by , Tuesday May 01, 2012 @

Justin Bieber stabbed by a crazed fan? It’s a Face­book scam

Looks like the lit­tle girls get to scream an­other day.

+ Discovered by , Thursday Apr 19, 2012 @ nakedsecurity

When your friends poke you on Face­book, this ma­chine pokes you in real life

If your a hard­core Face­booka­holic, then this lit­tle gad­get is for you

+ Discovered by , Wednesday Mar 21, 2012 @ TNW

Out­let Alarm Lets You Wake To the Roar of Power Tools

If your one of those peo­ple who need a lit­tle bit of a boost to wake up in the morn­ing, […]

+ Discovered by , Monday Mar 19, 2012 @ Gizmodo

Stu­pid Es­cape Pre­ven­tion Sys­tem Re­lies On Your Dog’s Stupidity

Is your lit­tle dog es­cap­ing from your yard? This may be the de­vice for you!

+ Discovered by , Friday Mar 16, 2012 @ Gizmodo

15 Weird Things Hu­mans Do Every Day, and Why

Have you ever stopped to re­ally think about why we react a cer­tain why or why other things hap­pen involuntary?

+ Discovered by , Tuesday Feb 28, 2012 @ Life's Little Mysteries

Char­ac­ters in Sponge­bob were in­spired by the seven deadly sins

No won­der this show makes chil­dren dumber!

+ Discovered by , Tuesday Jan 10, 2012 @ Uberfacts

Grand Theft Auto and the Prob­lem of Evil

What other game al­lows you to act as a para­medic, fire­fighter, or po­lice officer?

+ Discovered by , Sunday Dec 18, 2011 @ Overthinking it

The Real Story Be­hind Black Friday

A tri­umph of cor­po­rate re-​​branding, indeed!

+ Discovered by , Tuesday Nov 29, 2011 @ Mother Jones


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