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There Is An Instagram Account That Shows You How To Do Snack Food Inspired Makeup

A few of my fa­vorite re­ac­tions are memes such as “You think you’re all that and a bag of chips […]

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Here’s What The Cast Of “High School Mu­si­cal” Looks Like Now

Here’s a lit­tle pre­view to what you should ex­pect on Wednes­day when the cast reunites!

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Artist cre­ates In­sta­grams for Dis­ney characters

This is so cre­ative. All of the best Dis­ney character’s were used. I love Wendy’s and Alice’s.

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‘Game of Thrones’ Au­thor Do­nates First Edi­tion of ‘The Hobbit’

A true trib­ute to Pro­fes­sor Tolkien.

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Read These Celebri­ties’ Very First (And Very Ridicu­lous) Tweets

I think Lil Wayne’s is the one that got me.

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The awe­some ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ mix­tape will be re­leased on cassette

This news has got me Hooked On a Feeling!

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Things Don’t Have To Crash Into Other Things: So­lu­tions to 6 su­per­hero movie problems

Fi­nally, a list of su­per­hero movie com­plaints that doesn’t just make you want to rip your hair out and shout, […]

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Heal Your­self, Skeletor

It’s good to see Skele­tor work­ing for pos­i­tive change in his life. Keep at it, buddy!

+ Discovered by , Monday Mar 17, 2014 @

Model gets Un-​​Photoshopped

Pho­to­shop has gone too far. You won’t be­lieve what she looks like!

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15 gor­geous hor­ror movie posters that sold for ter­ri­fy­ing price tags

I love movie posters as much as the next per­son, but I think the money could be bet­ter spent. Send­ing […]

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Banned Books Week Li­brary Display

Artists giv­ing banned books a form of justice.

+ Discovered by , Friday Sep 27, 2013 @

8 Ways to Make a Movie About a Fe­male Su­per­hero Happen

While the su­per­hero film craze is on the rise, this needs to hap­pen soon.

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JK Rowl­ing to pen Harry Pot­ter spin-​​off film

Fan­tas­tic Beasts and Where to Find Them.

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Su­per­man Fan Had 19 Surg­eries To Look Like Clark Kent

Awe­some or creepy? That is the question.

+ Discovered by , Tuesday Sep 10, 2013 @

First Glimpse of Amer­i­can Hor­ror Story Cast in Their New Witchy Roles

The re­turn is imminent.

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Mar­vel Su­per­heroes Hit the Road in Tour­ing Theme Park Attraction

A trav­el­ing, 4-​​D mo­tion ride con­tain­ing Mar­vel he­roes sounds like a fan­tas­tic idea.

+ Discovered by , Monday Aug 26, 2013 @

10 Su­per­hero Movies We’re Glad Never Happened

After a cer­tain scene in­volv­ing dance moves, I can never look at Sam Raimi’s Spi­der­man the same, anyway.

+ Discovered by , Monday Aug 26, 2013 @

A Den­tist Wants to Clone John Lennon From His Rot­ten Tooth.

I’m just not sure how to com­ment; but, every­one needs to be pre­pared in case this works.

+ Discovered by , Thursday Aug 22, 2013 @

Which Buffy episode is the spir­i­tual pre­de­ces­sor to Agents of Shield?

Sev­eral spoil­ers. Namely ones hav­ing to do with Joss Whedon.

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Build your own mega­lo­ma­ni­a­cal Hal 9000 for less than 100 bucks

Just what I’ve al­ways wanted, a su­per­com­puter that will hap­pily cut off my air sup­ply if I get in the way.

+ Discovered by , Thursday May 02, 2013 @

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