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34 Amaz­ing Pho­tos Of The Super Blood Moon

If you were dis­ap­pointed by clouds cov­er­ing the moon on Mon­day night, here are some great pic­tures of the moon!

+ Discovered by , Wednesday Sep 30, 2015 @

Amaz­ing! See four rain­bows in one photo

I won­der if I could find a pot of gold at the end of each rainbow…

+ Discovered by , Tuesday Apr 21, 2015 @

Meet the NSA’s dis­turb­ing Earth Day mas­cot, Dunk

Get­ting every­one to re­cy­cle is a great idea! This mas­cot could work, but it seems as though the cre­ator spent […]

+ Discovered by , Monday Apr 20, 2015 @

Shark Frenzy Caught on Oil Rig Camera

Talk about a bad day to be a fish.

+ Discovered by , Thursday Mar 26, 2015 @

Peo­ple throw­ing pen­nies changed the color of a Yel­low­stone hot spring

This is harm­ing the spring, hope­fully there is a way to re­verse the effects.

+ Discovered by , Friday Feb 06, 2015 @

24 of the Cra­zi­est Im­ages on Google Street View

I cried I laughed so hard.

+ Discovered by , Monday Feb 24, 2014 @

Zom­bies vs. an­i­mals? The liv­ing dead wouldn’t stand a chance

‘Nat­u­ral­ist David Mize­jew­ski ex­plains how na­ture would deal with a zom­bie out­break: bru­tally, and with­out quarter.’

+ Discovered by , Tuesday Oct 15, 2013 @

It’s of­fi­cial: Cu­rios­ity dis­cov­ers water on Mars

It’s great for the sci­en­tific com­mu­nity, but it’s not so great for Doc­tor Who fans.

+ Discovered by , Wednesday Oct 02, 2013 @

Huge head found float­ing in Hud­son River

Well, if no one else wants it…

+ Discovered by , Monday Apr 29, 2013 @

12 Real An­i­mals We Can’t Be­lieve Aren’t Pokémon

If half these Poke­mon re­ally ex­isted… it’s quite pos­si­ble that I’ll never leave the house again.

+ Discovered by , Thursday Mar 07, 2013 @

Gallery of Hur­ri­cane Sandy Pics

The Huff­in­g­ton Post has a large gallery of Sandy pho­tos; scroll down to see it.

+ Discovered by , Tuesday Oct 30, 2012 @

Na­tional Ge­o­graphic Photo Con­test 2012

The At­lantic pre­views 50 en­tries from Nat Geo’s yearly pho­tog­ra­phy contest—these are some of the best, if you like, you […]

+ Discovered by , Monday Sep 24, 2012 @

Mind­blow­ing Sand Sculp­tures from Around the World

Re­mem­ber when you were lit­tle and built (what you thought was) an awe­some sand cas­tle? Yeah, it was prob­a­bly lame […]

+ Discovered by , Friday Apr 27, 2012 @ Noupe

Thou­sands of spi­ders blan­ket Aus­tralian farm after es­cap­ing flood

These would def­i­nitely be on the bot­tom of my “dream pet list”.

+ Discovered by , Friday Mar 16, 2012 @ Yahoo

Ari­zona Turns 100

Ari­zona cel­e­brates its 100th birth­day today!  These beau­ti­ful pic­tures still make her look 20 years old.

+ Discovered by , Tuesday Feb 14, 2012 @

Colombia’s Rebels Switch From Co­caine to Cattle

I never saw this coming.

+ Discovered by , Saturday Jan 21, 2012 @ Wired

Na­tional Ge­o­graphic Photo Con­test 2011

Na­tional Ge­o­graphic is bring­ing you an eye­gasim, just a click away.

+ Discovered by , Thursday Dec 01, 2011 @

iPad Sleeve In­spired by Nature

Check out this neato ipad sleeve de­signed by the artist Geninne! It has a beau­ti­ful or­ganic texture.

+ Discovered by , Monday Nov 21, 2011 @

New Seven Won­ders of Nat­ural World re­vealed amidst controversy

So.. The Seven Won­ders cho­sen may not be the best Seven Won­ders around the world?!

+ Discovered by , Wednesday Nov 16, 2011 @ Gadling

How to pick up a baby Red Panda in 5 easy steps

This is just too darn cute. I want to be picked up by a mama red panda!

+ Discovered by , Friday Nov 04, 2011 @


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