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Read These Celebri­ties’ Very First (And Very Ridicu­lous) Tweets

I think Lil Wayne’s is the one that got me.

+ Discovered by , Tuesday Mar 24, 2015 @

You’ll Fi­nally Un­der­stand Fe­lines With the Me­owlin­gual Cat Translator

I need this in my life.

+ Discovered by , Friday Feb 06, 2015 @

Re­place All Your Fur­ni­ture With These Giant Bird Nests For People

Too bad it’s not very cheap…

+ Discovered by , Monday Nov 10, 2014 @

25 Heart­warm­ing And Adorable Baby Animals

I am so much hap­pier now!

+ Discovered by , Wednesday Apr 16, 2014 @

Chris Hemsworth, Liam Hemsworth, Meryl Streep, And Tom Hanks Redo “Char­lie Bit My Finger”

Whoops, there goes Charlie.

+ Discovered by , Monday Mar 10, 2014 @

Di­nosaur Comics

What are dogs thinking?

+ Discovered by , Monday Apr 30, 2012 @ Dinosaur Comics

Strike a pose: Fun­ni­est Glam­our Shot poses!

I don’t re­ally know if this is funny, but ob­vi­ously there was a lot of col­lar hold­ing back in the day.

+ Discovered by , Tuesday Apr 24, 2012 @ Click Orlando

Ghost Taunters: Fri­day the 13th Editions

You might want to run away be­fore these cakes eat you…

+ Discovered by , Tuesday Apr 17, 2012 @ Cake Wrecks

Funny Let­ter­press Cards for the Lovestruck

If you’re look­ing for the per­fect Valen­tine for your sweetie, look no further!!

+ Discovered by , Tuesday Feb 14, 2012 @ Design You Trust

Un­in­tended Con­se­quences | Apple Store Faces

Don’t lie! You know we all do this at one point or another!

+ Discovered by , Tuesday Feb 07, 2012 @ Feel Desain

A Healthy Appetite

I think this is won­der­ful for ac­tu­ally stick­ing to your New Year’s resolution!

+ Discovered by , Monday Jan 09, 2012 @ Cake Wrecks

Tell Me What You Want, What You Re­ally Re­ally Want

At least they didn’t mis­spell anything…

+ Discovered by , Thursday Nov 10, 2011 @ Cake Wrecks

Fam­ily Cir­cus’ cre­ator Bil Keane dies at 89′

I’m re­ally going to miss read­ing his comics.

+ Discovered by , Thursday Nov 10, 2011 @ Associated Press

Cap­tion Con­test: Real-​​life Super Mario party searches for Princess Peach

“The Mario fam­ily re­union took a turn for the awk­ward when Luigi re­al­ized he was the only at­tendee out of […]

+ Discovered by , Monday Nov 07, 2011 @

Cat Scratch,’ The Turntable for Kitties

For the house cat thats al­ways wanted to be a real D.J.

+ Discovered by , Friday Nov 04, 2011 @ Gadget Lab

So­cial Media Pro­pa­ganda Posters

Join face­book and help win the war!!

+ Discovered by , Tuesday Aug 16, 2011 @ dear golden

Plas­tic Toys with Attitude

These are great! I wish I had time to sit around and make up di­a­logue for plas­tic animals.

+ Discovered by , Friday Apr 01, 2011 @

Woman has fin­ger­tip bit­ten off in Wal­mart love tri­an­gle tiff

So, I’d be em­barassed if this hap­pened to me!!

+ Discovered by , Monday Mar 28, 2011 @ MSNBC

Hawk loose in­side Li­brary of Con­gress fi­nally captured

Man, the hawk only wanted knowl­edge! =D

+ Discovered by , Wednesday Jan 26, 2011 @ Yahoo

Civil War site is now a bat­tle­field for Wal-​​Mart

Well, it’s ei­ther Lee’s soul or Wal-​​Mart…. I bet neither!

+ Discovered by , Sunday Jan 23, 2011 @ MSNBC


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