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A Girl Was Sent Home From High School For An Ex­posed Collarbone

This is so wrong. I hope they can re­vise this dress code to make it fair and reasonable.

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Was There Life On Mars?

For cen­turies, sci­en­tists have be­lieved that Earth was the only in­hab­it­able planet, could Mars have been, too?

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This School Dis­trict Paid An ex-​​FBI Agent To Mon­i­tor Stu­dents’ So­cial Media

This is over the top and a com­plete dis­re­spect for pri­vacy. Par­ents can check their children’s so­cial media, schools don’t […]

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Dad Cre­ates Ed­u­ca­tional Pan­cakes For His Kids

I want em’ for breakfast!!

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Ten­nessee Gov­er­nor Urges 2 Free Years of Com­mu­nity Col­lege and Tech­ni­cal School

Ten­nessee would be the only state in the coun­try to charge no tu­ition or fees to stu­dents under the pro­posal […]

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This is a re­ally good web­site to find out about dif­fer­ent  col­leges you might be in­ter­ested in.

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Stu­dents de­sign their own high school

No quizzes, tests, or grades sounds good to me…

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ACT Prac­tice

For those that are tak­ing your ACT soon, this may help in some way.

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Hour-​​by-​​hour look at hyper-​​disciplinarian char­ter school where kids main­tain near-​​total si­lence for seven years

It’s al­ways im­por­tant to keep an open mind when con­sid­er­ing ed­u­ca­tion reform.

+ Discovered by , Monday Dec 10, 2012 @

Quiet at the back: class­rooms around the world

Cool photo set of class­rooms around the world; be sure to check out the de­scrip­tions, too.

+ Discovered by , Saturday Sep 15, 2012 @

Texas High School Builds $60 Mil­lion Foot­ball Stadium

Looks like we missed the boat with our rinky-​​dink sta­dium upgrade.

+ Discovered by , Saturday Sep 08, 2012 @

Play­ing Music as a Child Leads to Bet­ter Lis­ten­ing as an Adult

…un­less you play pic­colo! Right? Amirite?

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Should A School Change Start Time For Sleep?

Now even the sci­en­tists are on your side!

+ Discovered by , Thursday May 03, 2012 @

High School Stu­dent De­vises Po­ten­tial Can­cer Cure

Do you have big dreams? Hop to it, peo­ple are ac­com­plish­ing big things at younger ages than ever before.

+ Discovered by , Wednesday Jan 25, 2012 @

SAT prac­tice ques­tion of the day

This web­site pro­vides a ques­tion of the day every day to pre­pare stu­dents for the test. Can you an­swer today’s?

+ Discovered by , Wednesday Jan 25, 2012 @

Em­bar­rass­ing ‘SHCOOL’ Sign Re­placed In NYC

This school must be the proud ed­u­ca­tors of the chil­dren with the worst spelling abil­i­ties in America.

+ Discovered by , Wednesday Jan 25, 2012 @

Nine Stub­born Brain Myths That Just Won’t Die, Debunked

Prove your par­ents wrong when they claim that in­ter­net time makes you dumber!

+ Discovered by , Monday Jan 23, 2012 @ Lifehacker

Odds shrink Ein­stein was wrong after sci­en­tists rule par­ti­cles may still be faster than light

Way to go Ein­stein! Se­ri­ously though way to go.

+ Discovered by , Friday Nov 18, 2011 @ The Washington Post

So­lu­tion to the quiz

A pretty con­fus­ing lit­tle quiz that is re­ally easy to un­der­stand at the end.

+ Discovered by , Tuesday Nov 08, 2011 @ Otaku, Cedric's Blog

Stan­dard­ized test­ing pushes teach­ers to cheat

It’s just a bit ironic that teach­ers are cheat­ing on the stu­dents tests to keep their jobs.

+ Discovered by , Monday Nov 07, 2011 @ Los Angeles Times


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