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10 Super Last-​​Minute Hol­i­day Gifts That No One Will Know Were Last Minute

Whether you can’t de­cide or you’ve run out of time, these are the best ideas for last minute gifts.

+ Discovered by , Thursday Dec 18, 2014 @

Bat­man on Jin­gle Bells

Bat­man (THE Bat­man) re­sponds to the al­ter­nate ver­sion of a Christ­mas song that bandies his name about in this whim­si­cal […]

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This is the ugly Christ­mas sweater that de­feated all the rest

I don’t like it as much as the Slayer Sweater, but it’s prob­a­bly the next best thing.

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Star Wars Snowflakes!

You’ll need a SHARP x-​​acto knife, a steady hand, and some pa­tience for these—but so cool, they might be worth it!

+ Discovered by , Thursday Dec 15, 2011 @ Anthony Herrera Designs

Some post­pon­ing Christ­mas to scoop up discounts

Some cash-​​strapped fam­i­lies are putting off gift-​​buying and travel until hol­i­day sales hit. Pretty smooth.

+ Discovered by , Thursday Dec 15, 2011 @ St. Joseph News-Press

World’s Most Un­usual Christ­mas Trees

It’s not too late to put up your tree.  Try copy­ing one of these ideas and sub­mit the pic­tures to […]

+ Discovered by , Tuesday Dec 13, 2011 @ Neatorama

Write Santa Claus!

Write Santa Claus this Christmas!!

+ Discovered by , Wednesday Nov 30, 2011 @

The Real Story Be­hind Black Friday

A tri­umph of cor­po­rate re-​​branding, indeed!

+ Discovered by , Tuesday Nov 29, 2011 @ Mother Jones

Gin­ger­bread Boys

If you re­ally like gin­ger­bread men, this is a re­ally good Christ­mas recipe for the holidays!

+ Discovered by , Tuesday Nov 29, 2011 @

Neigh­bor­hood Bans Col­ored Christ­mas Lights

Christ­mas light racism?  What is this world com­ing to?!

+ Discovered by , Tuesday Nov 29, 2011 @

JBL On­Beat Air speaker dock sup­ports AirPlay

Fi­nally an air­play speaker sys­tem, that is styl­ish and conventional!

+ Discovered by , Tuesday Nov 22, 2011 @ appletell

Awe­some bacon Na­tiv­ity Scene!

The manger has never tasted so good!

+ Discovered by , Friday Dec 10, 2010 @ Say Uncle

Angry Bird Ornament

There are pig or­na­ments too!

+ Discovered by , Friday Dec 10, 2010 @

6 In­sane Christ­mas Tra­di­tions From Around the World

Ap­par­ently Santa is re­ally a witch, ac­cord­ing to the Vat­i­can, and he melts into the shad­ows to watch if you […]

+ Discovered by , Tuesday Dec 07, 2010 @ Cracked

Out­door Christ­mas Lights: Dec­o­rat­ing Ideas

Here are some ideas that will make your house vis­i­ble from space!

+ Discovered by , Wednesday Dec 01, 2010 @ Good Housekeeping

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