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Bi­cy­cle Street Art by Mart

Ar­gen­tin­ian artist, Mart, leaves his whim­si­cal graf­fiti all over Buenos Aires.

+ Discovered by , Tuesday Mar 18, 2014 @

Anatom­i­cal Col­lages by Travis Bedel

The merg­ing of sci­ence and art looks like this.

+ Discovered by , Tuesday Mar 18, 2014 @

A Mono­chro­matic Farewell to a Con­demned House in Germany

Pub­lic art demon­stra­tion by Erik Sturm und Si­mon Jung on house west for demolition.

+ Discovered by , Tuesday Mar 18, 2014 @

Hy­per­re­al­is­tic Eyes Drawn with Col­ored Pencils

Graf­fiti artist, Re­dosk­ing, take a break from the spray paint and cre­ates as­ton­ish­ingly re­al­is­tic eyes with col­ored pencils.

+ Discovered by , Monday Mar 17, 2014 @

Lov­ing Vin­cent: The First Feature-​​Length Painted An­i­ma­tion Will Ex­plore the Life and Death of Vin­cent Van Gogh

The first an­i­mated film made solely through hand-​​painted canvases.

+ Discovered by , Tuesday Jan 28, 2014 @

Spooky fruit and veg­gie sculp­tures for Hal­loween by mas­ter carver Shawn Feeney

Pump­kins shouldn’t be the only ones get­ting attention.

+ Discovered by , Tuesday Oct 29, 2013 @

Banned Books Week Li­brary Display

Artists giv­ing banned books a form of justice.

+ Discovered by , Friday Sep 27, 2013 @

Artist Feeds 250,000 House Flies Wa­ter­color and Lets Them Paint by Re­gur­gi­ta­tion (14 pics)

That’s so dis­gust­ing, in an artis­tic way.  

+ Discovered by , Wednesday Sep 11, 2013 @

Dreamy Ar­chi­tec­tural Wa­ter­col­ors by Sunga Park

Next time Art I cre­ates cityscapes, try churn­ing out some­thing like this.

+ Discovered by , Tuesday Sep 10, 2013 @

Spon­sored Heroes

Artist Roberto Ver­gati San­tos imag­ines su­per­heroes with cor­po­rate spon­sor­ships. Iron Man as Ronald Mc­Don­ald? Hm.

+ Discovered by , Saturday Sep 07, 2013 @

Dic­tio­nary of Sur­re­al­ism and the Graphic Image

In case they were un­clear be­fore, there’s now a book of sur­re­al­ist concepts.

+ Discovered by , Thursday May 09, 2013 @

50 In­cred­i­ble Tat­toos In­spired By Books

“Cou­ples break up, “YOLO” goes out of style, but the lit­er­a­ture you love is forever.”—Indeed.

+ Discovered by , Thursday May 09, 2013 @

16 Awe­some Food Art Ideas

Om nom nom.

+ Discovered by , Saturday May 04, 2013 @

Gi­ant Rub­ber Duck Floats to Japan!

Rub­ber ducky, you’re the one!

+ Discovered by , Saturday May 04, 2013 @

Huge head found float­ing in Hud­son River

Well, if no one else wants it…

+ Discovered by , Monday Apr 29, 2013 @

LED-​​equipped wake­boards light up waves from sun­rise to sunset

Why not? Every beach should have glow­ing rain­bow waves.

+ Discovered by , Tuesday Apr 16, 2013 @

Short video about latte por­trait artist

I can’t even draw well on pa­per, let alone on a beverage…

+ Discovered by , Monday Apr 08, 2013 @

Mas­sive key­board sculp­ture a per­ma­nent fix­ture in Russia

I’m not sure Ctrl-​​Alt-​​Delete works on grass, but why not?

+ Discovered by , Thursday Mar 21, 2013 @

Bub­ble wrap art gives a pop to tra­di­tional portraits

Just watch out for pointy ob­jects in the mod­ern arts museums.

+ Discovered by , Thursday Mar 21, 2013 @

Grotesque crea­ture house­wares and jewelry

Who doesn’t want a few mon­sters hang­ing around?

+ Discovered by , Monday Feb 04, 2013 @

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