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Spring Play: The Bach­e­lor King

Photo: Michael Hidalgo/Eagle's Nest

Spring is al­most here and this year our The­atre pro­gram is send­ing out the com­edy, The Bach­e­lor King. The play kicks off when King Evian (Zach Kelch) meets his un­timely end  and an un­sus­pect­ing Yokel (Pre­ston Op­per­man) be­comes the next in line to be­come King.

While Yokel stum­bles through try­ing to learn to be King and how to rule his king­dom as a benev­o­lent King would, he is con­fronted with a big ob­sta­cle. Who is going to be his Queen?

The se­lec­tion process takes the form of a con­test the likes of which can only be de­scribed as The Bach­e­lor meets Sur­vivor, with a dol­lop of Amer­i­can Idol thrown in for good measure.

Mean­while, the venge­ful Prince Daft hatches as­sas­si­na­tion plans to re­gain what he be­lieves is his right­ful place as king…

Come and see the The­atre put on a great show Fri­day, March 23rd. Ticket sales  begin Mon­day the 12th, and sep­a­rate tick­ets will be sold for Freshmen/​Sophmores and Juniors/​Seniors.

Per­for­mances for the gen­eral pub­lic are Fri­day, March 23rd, and Sat­ur­day, March 24th, at 7:oo pm.