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Haunted Areas Near Rhea County

Al­though there are plenty of organization-​​sponsored “haunted houses” through­out Rhea County, some of us are out search­ing for the real thing. Be­lieve it or not, there are plenty of local areas that have spooky histories.

Mile Marker 10 – Crossville
It is said that if you go to mile marker 10 on High­way 68, near Grassy Cove, and put your car in neu­tral, it will be pushed up the hill by ghosts. If you put baby pow­der on the trunk of your car, you will be able to see the hand­prints on it. The rea­son be­hind this is in Au­gust of the year 1955, there was a bus wreck on the same hill, and many chil­dren died. The chil­dren are push­ing you up the hill be­cause they are mov­ing you away from the on­com­ing traffic.

Ship­ley Hol­low – Sale Creek
If you fol­low Daugh­erty Ferry Road off of High­way 27 in Sale Creek, you will come upon Ship­ley Hol­low Road. A woman is sup­posed to haunt both of these roads. She comes from the Ship­ley Hol­low Ceme­tery, just off of Ship­ley Hol­low Road. The woman’s iden­tity is un­known, and she may have been there for many years. Sup­pos­edly, she is seen as a glow­ing, see-​​through figure.

Craig­miles Mau­soleum – Cleveland
The Craig­miles Mau­soleum is lo­cated be­hind St. Luke’s Epis­co­pal Church in Cleve­land. It is the bur­ial place of the Craig­miles fam­ily, a fam­ily where each mem­ber died a tragic death. The white mar­ble sur­face is stained crim­son red and is said to be the blood of each of the mem­bers of the Craig­miles. The stains did not start show­ing up until Nina Craig­miles, the mother, died, and grew more no­tice­able after each fam­ily mem­ber passed. The stains still re­main today.

East Ten­nessee State Uni­ver­sity – John­son City
The well-​​known uni­ver­sity in John­son city is said to be the haunt of a few ghosts, and stu­dents and teach­ers have claimed to have seen them in cer­tain halls or dorms. ETSU is said to be the most haunted col­lege in the South, with al­most every build­ing hav­ing some sort of spirit. Per­haps the most fa­mous, Gilbreath Hall is haunted by the spirit of the college’s first pres­i­dent, John Gilbreath. He still walks the halls after dark, en­forc­ing each and every rule. There are also other build­ings that are said to be haunted, such as Yoak­ley Hall, Sher­rod Li­brary, Cooper Hall, Burleson Hall, Mathes Music Hall, and Sigma Chi Fra­ter­nity House.

Swan Pond Church – Harriman
Swan Pond Church is sur­rounded by woods and even a ceme­tery, which def­i­nitely gives it the creepy at­mos­phere. It is in one of the old­est areas in Har­ri­man, dat­ing back be­fore Har­ri­man was even founded. This church is most fa­mous for a preacher who hung him­self in the bell tower, some time in the 1980s. Ac­cord­ing to ru­mors, if you drive around the church at night, you are able to see the preacher hang­ing from the bell tower.

Ten­nessee Wes­leyan – Athens
The sec­ond col­lege on the list, it is known to be haunted by dark fig­ures that speak to one an­other. They are said to be seen near two trees, and a local leg­end says that two star-​​crossed lovers were buried be­neath them. The star-​​crossed lovers were a Na­tive Amer­i­can Chief’s daugh­ter, No­cat­ula, and a white man whose love had been ridiculed by a mem­ber of the tribe, Mock­ing Crow. Mock­ing Crow soon killed the white man. When No­cat­ula found him dead, she stabbed her­self. They were buried next to ea­chother, putting a tree seed in one hand each.

Greens Cav­ern – Cleveland
Out­side of Greens Cav­ern is an open field, and on Hal­loween every year, a tall shad­owy fig­ure can be seen car­ry­ing a sickle while roam­ing around. If he sees you pass­ing by him, he will cap­ture your soul and take it with him when he re­turns to the cav­ern at mid­night. The rea­son be­hind this re­mains a mystery.

Uni­ver­sity of the South – Sewanee
Col­leges are the hous­ing of plenty of ghosts, as you can tell al­ready, and it is no sur­prise that there is an­other on the list. The most in­fa­mous of all of the haunt­ings of the Uni­ver­sity of the South is the head­less gowns­man who roams the halls dur­ing fi­nals or homecoming. He is ei­ther seen as just a float­ing head or just a body, but they are never at­tached. The head­less gowns­man was a for­mer stu­dent who was de­cap­i­tated dur­ing a hor­rific wreck. Also an in­fa­mous tale of this col­lege, Tuck­away Dorm is said to be haunted in a room on the third floor. The three ghosts of for­mer and sui­ci­dal stu­dents seem to cause a great amount of may­hem in the room.

Baum­gart­ner House – South Pittsburg
Being the old­est house in South Pitts­burg and also across the street from an old church and ceme­tery, it has to be haunted! It was home of the first un­der­taker in South Pitts­burg and his wife and two chil­dren. The house is now haunted by their ghostly fig­ures. It is said that they are seen look­ing through win­dows or walk­ing through the house. They aren’t harm­ful, but they are clearly visible.

Chi­ca­mauga Bat­tle­field – Chattanooga
The Bat­tle of Chi­ca­mauga was the sec­ond blood­i­est bat­tle in the Civil War, right after Get­tys­burg. Al­most every bat­tle­field is said to be haunted, but this one is sup­pos­edly more haunted than oth­ers, with many sol­diers and ap­pari­tions roam­ing the en­tire grounds. The most fa­mous of all of the ghosts isn’t even human! “Old Green Eyes,” is de­scribed as being a large crea­ture with fang-​​like teeth, a hairy body, and bright green eyes. It is said that this ghost was first spot­ted roam­ing about right after the bat­tle. Leg­end says that he was a sol­dier whose head was blown off dur­ing bat­tle, and his body de­stroyed. Along with ghosts, one can hear sounds of the bat­tle, such as gun shots or marching.